Hope for Healing non-profit charity videos

Hope for Healing non-profit charity

Learn more about the non-profit charity called “Hope for Healing” by enjoying these short videos.

Click here to see a series of videos on emotional wellness tips to live a happier life.

Click here to be redirected to the charity website.

Hope for Healing is involved in global projects like increasing availability of clean, safe drinking water and improved sanitation for children and adults throughout the world.  We’re also involved with more local needs like increased access to computers for underfunded, struggling schools and supplying food to local foodbanks.  And we’re also interested in individual needs like assisting with college funds for children who’ve lost a parent to cancer as well as improving emotional health and well being for everyone.  Click here to see projects we’re working on.

We’re interested in a wide variety of topics, but they all have a few crucial common themes.  We want the greatest impact for the smallest cost and we want 100% of donations to go directly to those in need.  We’d love your help. Click here to make a donation.