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Welcome to Two Good Things – Bjork Family Blog.

At our house we eat dinner together as a family and each person takes turns sharing two good things about their day. This simple daily tradition helps us stay connected.  Two Good Things, the Bjork family blog, shows a normal family doing normal things which in today’s day and age is rather abnormal.

We have a wide range of interests from food and family to airplanes and do it yourself projects.  Meet the contributors (aka members of the family) and use the tabs at the top to navigate to those stories and topics that most interest you.

Every family has a story.  Welcome to ours.

Two good things Bjork family blog

Hi, I’m Linda.  Family, faith, and service are the things that are dearest to my heart.  I’m a mom, grandma, author and the founder of Hope for Healing, a non-profit charitable organization designed to help people overcome challenges like depression and anxiety and become their best selves.  I’m in charge of the “Family” (aka ‘mommy blog’)  section of this website among other things.


Meet my husband Lewis.  He is a father, grandfather, airline pilot, and author.    He loves to build and create in his shop.  He has built several experimental aircraft including a Pitts Model 12 aerobatic bi-plane.  He also built our home and almost everything in it.  He is Mr. Creative.  He’s responsible for many posts in the “Aviation” and “DIY” category as well as personal musings in “Observations from the Cockpit.”


Meet Joseph.  He’s the oldest child, and a husband and father of three.  He is passionate about philosophy and building things from scratch, these topics are reflected in his youtube channel “Good and Basic.”  You can see his beautifully handcrafted metal roses and some of his handmade chain mail under the “DIY” section.  He is currently a law student at Brigham Young University.


Meet Aubrey, Joseph’s wife and mother of three.  Aubrey graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho and is an author and editor.  You can see some of her titles under the category “Books and Articles.”


Meet Melanie, ball of energy and mother of two.  She inherited her father’s creative gene and seems to be able to build and create anything from interior design to handcrafted furniture to amazing wedding cakes.  See her cakes on her instagram account Cakers Gonna Cake.  She is also the author of  the children’s book “Because We’re So Lucky It’s Time that We Shared,” all proceeds from book sales are donated to a college fund for Kezman, a little boy who lost his father to cancer.


Meet Tyrel, Melanie’s husband and father of two.  Tyrel is a gifted musician and played in a band as a teenager.  In addition to his job at Xima Software, he is also a licensed FFL dealer, certified NRA instructor, and certified Utah concealed firearms permit instructor and runs Sackett Armory, LLC.

Meet Sarah, college student, artist, author, and pilot.  She inherited her father’s passion for airplanes.  Self motivated and highly driven, she earned her pilot’s license and her associate degree before graduating from high school.  Her first book “Skirt + Nametag = World Domination” about her experiences as an LDS missionary in Riverside, California was published in 2017.  Please click here to be directed to her art website bjorksbrushwork.com


Meet Sam, resident comedian and college student.  Sam loves to laugh and to make others laugh.  You can see his work making metal roses and chain mail under the “DIY/Projects” category.


Meet Anna, the youngest member of the family.  She is an artist and high school student.  You can see some of her creations under the “Food” tab.