Welcome to Two Good Things – Bjork Family Blog

At our house we eat dinner together as a family and everyone takes turns sharing two good things about their day.  This simple tradition helps us stay connected.  The Bjork Family Blog is about a normal family doing normal things, which in today’s day and age is rather abnormal.  We have a variety of interests from food and family to aviation and do it yourself projects.  There’s something for everyone.  Use the menu to navigate to those topics that most interest you.

Every family has a story.  Welcome to ours.

Welcome to Two Good Things, the Bjork family blog homepage.  From building airplanes in the garage to daily adventures great and small, every family has a story.  Welcome to ours.  Use the tabs at the top of the page or the categories at the ride side of the page to easily navigate to the stories that interest you most.  There are stories, airplane projects, house projects, art, yummy food, humor, and a “mommy blog”.  There’s something for everyone.