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Linda’s Corner Articles: Faith, Family and Living Joyfully

Why do do compare ourselves with others?

We all compare ourselves to other people, even when is makes us unhappy.  Learn why we do this and how we can stop. Read more.

Striving for Perfection

Nobody’s perfect, and that’s okay.  Learn the difference between striving for perfection and its counterfeit ‘perfectionism.’  Read more. 

6 Scientific Reasons Why Eating Together as a Family Matters

The name “Two Good Things” comes from one of our family traditions. We eat dinner together regularly as a family and each member of the family takes turns sharing two good things about their day. This simple tradition helps us stay connected, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Science suggests many reasons why family dinner matters, here are just six of them.  Read more

Marriage matters

Healthy marriages lead to healthy lives, healthy families, and a healthy community. Marriage matters. Everybody knows that a marriage can deteriorate, but not everybody knows that a marriage can also be rejuvenated. Just because things are not currently fabulous, does not mean that it doesn’t have the potential to become fabulous.  Read more

Finest Career – Mother

Is “mothering” a career?  Yes, and one of the most noble and important careers available.  Read more


Expecting Sarah

Along with the morning sickness came panic, fear, and doubt.  What on earth were we thinking?  This is completely illogical. Read more

Choosing Out of Depression

Nobody chooses depression.  It’s not like it’s on a menu and people say, “Ooh, I’ll have that!” It’s more like being mugged in a dark alley.  Nobody asks for it, but it can happen against our will and desires.

Even though getting in can happen as a matter of course, or circumstances, or whatever, getting out of depression requires a choice.  And it requires action.  But it is possible and it’s worth it.  Read more


Everything you need to know to host your own Passover cultural experience and all the reasons why you’d want to do that.  Read more. 

Crappy Days Happen…

So to recap the day:  Dog poop, flat tire, rejection and job disappointment for me, rejection and job disappointment for Sarah, fractured skull for Andy, and a wrecked airplane for Lewis  It was a crappy day both literally and figuratively.  Read more