College Mornings

College mornings
It felt like torture. A bleating, rhythmic pounding in my ears that wrenched my thoughts from the cool drone of sleep to the harsh sounds of the alarm clock. The tune was supposed to be a gentle lullaby to coax me from my dreams, but to my ungrateful ears, it sounded like death itself thudding a jackhammer against my temples.   “Muuutthgshg,” I groaned, rolling over to g...
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Food on a Ferry Flight

tootsie roll
Food on a Ferry Flight The make-do meals eaten on a tight flying schedule Headset, logbook, flashlight, a few pairs of fresh socks, an extra shirt, underwear, and a toothbrush. All of the essentials for a cross-country flight in a small two seater airplane. If I overpacked, the weight of the baggage would careen the gross weight of the plane off the edge of the safety...
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