Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling project What do you do when you don't love your kitchen?  What if you don't have a lot of money for a remodeling project? Well if you're Melanie you do something about it and you find a way to do it inexpensively. First she painted all the cabinets white and added texture by adding white beadboard to cabinet faces.  The next step was do-it-yourself faux...
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Free e-book “Because We’re So Lucky it’s Time that We Shared”

Because we're so lucky
Enjoy this free ebook. "Because We're So Lucky It's Time That We Shared" is an illustrated children's book about a young boy who gains some perspective with the help of a special little girl with leukemia.  He discovers that he truly is lucky and in turn gains a desire to serve and help others.  It's a beautiful and timely message in a world that often focuses on self and cons...
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Remodel – Before and After

Remodeling the family room - before, (during), and after images Melanie can remodel with one hand tied behind her back.  She has to be able to work single handedly since the other arm is usually holding a small child.  This project was inspired by an original painting by Sarah  (click here to see examples of Sarah's artwork).  Melanie loved the whimsical blue giraffe o...
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