6 Scientific Reasons Why Eating Together as a Family Matters

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The name "Two Good Things" comes from one of our family traditions. We eat dinner together regularly as a family and each member of the family takes turns sharing two good things about their day. This simple tradition helps us stay connected, but you don't have to take our word for it. Science suggests many reasons why family dinner matters, here are just six of them. Be...
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Love Your Life! Overcoming Depression

love your life
Love your life! Nobody chooses depression.  It's not like it's on a menu and people say, "Ooh, I'll have that!" It's more like being mugged in a dark alley.  Nobody asks for it, but it can happen against our will and desires. Even though getting in can happen as a matter of course, or circumstances, or whatever, getting out of depression requires a choice.  A...
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Finest Career – Mother

mothering matters
  I am reading Russel M. Nelson's biography.  He is a world renowned heart surgeon and recently sustained as the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I came across a passage that made me smile. When he was young he began to consider pursuing a medical career.  He later recalled, "The decision to go into medicine was forged by two realiza...
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January 2002 (Anna immunizations, Lewis dentist, cats spayed/killed, huge power bill, Sam allergic to milk, sugar, and wheat, cupboard door for linen closet, ordered furniture for living room, “staycation”) I guess our New Year's resolution for January was to take care of some of those things that you know need to be done but somehow don't get around to. I took Anna in fo...
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January 2001 (Lewis completes check ride and IOE for jet captain, house passes four way inspection and nailing inspection,  drywall, electricity, heat, phone lines, stairs, tile and doors, Sam notices mom’s belly “I have a Batman-Buzz-Light-year,” and offers to help get the baby out, ultrasound – it’s a girl!, Joseph earns Webelos and Faith in God award, Melanie: artwork and g...
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January 2000 (basement and footings for new house, Sarah likes dress ups, Melanie likes grownup things, Joseph the inventor, Sam learning to talk, studied “gift bringers” in home school, Linda shows up to church 2 hours late) Guess what?  We are now the proud and grateful owners of… a hole in the ground!  The basement is dug and the footings poured.  An exciting start for a...
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January 1999 (Highlights – Christmas – Barbie clothes for girls, Zorro costume for Joseph, community service, mention of Grandma and Grandpa Smith’s mission call) We had a delightful Christmas.  The children are old enough to be excited and it is so fun (also they’re still young enough that their toys aren’t too expensive which is also nice).  I made Barbie dresses for Me...
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