Love Your Life! Overcoming Depression

love your life
Love your life! Nobody chooses depression.  It's not like it's on a menu and people say, "Ooh, I'll have that!" It's more like being mugged in a dark alley.  Nobody asks for it, but it can happen against our will and desires. Even though getting in can happen as a matter of course, or circumstances, or whatever, getting out of depression requires a choice.  A...
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Homeschooling Q&A

  Questions and Answers about homeschooling Questions and answers about homeschooling.  I homeschooled my children for 20 years.  Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions over the years. Question:  What about socialization? Answer:  This is the number one question I was asked as a homeschooling parent, and it is a valid concern.  A child can be home...
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