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Two Good Things food
I was so overwhelmed when I learned that we had to follow a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet to help our son. How I wished there was help for someone like me, who was just getting started, to work through that learning curve of change.  The website is intended to be that lifeline of support for those who are following after me who ma...
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Pollo al Mattone

Anna likes to watch "Worst Cooks in America."  She wanted to try the pollo al mattone which means "chicken under a brick" because of the way it is prepared.  She rounded out the meal with stuffed mushrooms, fresh butternut squash soup, and crostinis with bruschetta.  Yum! If you'd like to try making the pollo al mattone click on the link for the Food Network recipe.
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Apple Brown Butter Tart

Anna likes to watch "Worst Cooks in America".  She wanted to try Anne Burrell's Apple Brown Butter Tart.  It looked almost messy going into the oven and I was disappointed, but magic takes place in the oven as the pastry puffs and turns a golden brown.  It turns beautiful and was really tasty. If you'd like to try it, click on the link to get the recipe and instructions ...
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