The Unforgettable Error

Pressure increased the more I moved. I pressed a hand to my swollen abdomen, feeling the hard shell of my skin stretch to accommodate the swirling gases within. I shouldn’t have eaten that chili… When my client offered me some of that evening’s dinner I couldn’t refuse. Not a big fan of beans, I normally would have shunned the steaming pot of chili, but when I looked at ...
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“Proper” Demonstration

"Proper" demonstration
My Dad knows everything We sat with our backs stiff, intently listening as Dad pulled into the faded parking lot of a bowling alley. He wrenched the gear into park and turned in his seat to face us. “Technique is the key to bowling,” he held up one finger to emphasize his point, then went on to explain in lavish detail. My two younger siblings and I had never been bo...
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Mud Bottom

Slip and Fall
Winter walk Light flecks of snow stuck to my windshield as I cautiously pulled into a narrow parking stall. I had hoped the winter weather would go away by late February, but to my chagrin it still fell in light wafts, covering the ground in a slippery layer of ice powder. Bitter wind blew through my black woolen jacket the moment I stepped from the vehicle, sending shivers up...
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The Pink Skunk

Ripped pants
Running late Appearances are only skin deep. Or in my case, as thin as the faded mark of an overused sharpie. Ice cream is a fickle thing; without the constant support from a freezer it oozes into a shapeless puddle, rendering it revolting to any customer. With no character of its own, it conforms to whatever whims surround it: melting in the face of heat, hardening when it...
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Broken phone
Black. My attempt to respond to my friend’s exciting text message failed miserably when the screen froze, then blackened. It did this frequently. I pressed my thumb into the upper right edge where the power button was and waited for it to turn back on as it usually did. Silence. I pressed again, harder this time. Silence. Uh-oh. Although not the greatest ...
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bad day
The Terrible Rotten No Good Very Bad Day A groan escaped my lips when my hand met resistance against the frosted doorknob. She forgot to unlock the doors again. Normally it wouldn’t be such a big deal to be locked out of the facility, but ever since the weather turned cold this frequent occurrence suddenly became numbing. Literally. All feeling drained from my fingers ...
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