Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling project

What do you do when you don’t love your kitchen?  What if you don’t have a lot of money for a remodeling project? Well if you’re Melanie you do something about it and you find a way to do it inexpensively.

First she painted all the cabinets white and added texture by adding white beadboard to cabinet faces.  The next step was do-it-yourself faux food flooring .  This created a beautiful, updated white kitchen, but it still wasn’t what Melanie envisioned.  She didn’t like her light colored countertop with the white cabinets.  She wanted more contrast.

However the project had to take a break so she could have a baby.  Yes the remodel job was done by a very pregnant but very capable woman.

Several months later she was ready to tackle the counter top project.  The first layer is all black followed by several layers of hand painted marbling to create the desired effect.  Then the counter top is coated with several layers of protective finishing coat.

The finished project looks very different from the original kitchen.  Beautiful!

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