Finest Career – Mother

I am reading Russel M. Nelson’s biography.  He is a world renowned heart surgeon and recently sustained as the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I came across a passage that made me smile.

When he was young he began to consider pursuing a medical career.  He later recalled, “The decision to go into medicine was forged by two realizations:  One was that was where my talents lay.  I had a great desire to do research, to go into the unknown.  The other was that I liked people.  I wanted to serve them.  I reasoned that the finest career that would be available to a human being would be that of mother Inasmuch as that was out of the question for me, I reasoned that the second occupation would be medicine.  There I could help people every day and teach them.”  [Russel M. Nelson: Father, Surgeon, Apostle by Spencer J. Condie p. 40]

Wow!  What a tribute to the efficacy and value of the “career” of motherhood.   I add my personal tribute to mothers everywhere, thanks mom, and thanks to all the women everywhere who sacrifice their own personal interest, comfort and convenience to love and raise their children.

Moms matter.  Mothering matters.