Crushed: A Journey Through Depression
Crushed: A Journey Through Depression

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What readers are saying about “Crushed


Thank you so much for your courage – for being willing to share your story.  It is giving me hope that things can get better for anyone who wants to make the effort to change.  I know it will be a blessing to me and many others.

Debbie E.


I just opened it up and read the first few pages and look forward to reading the rest… I’m going to need a big box of tissues.  

Connie S.


Wow!!! I have many thoughts and feelings as I read this… I have much to ponder. You are incredibly amazing and I’m so impressed with how you have put together this awesome book and shared your inner self that you spent so much time stuffing and hiding… I can’t get it out of my mind… Thanks so much for writing this. It is awesome.

Jennifer S.


Oh wow, Linda what a book…Thank you, this a book that will help everyone who reads it… I must say it is a page turner… So when does this book go on sale?  Soon I hope.   I know someone who really needs it.  I am so proud of you for doing this.

Marie R.


I just finished your wonderful book…Your amazing gift with the written word is a delight to read… I came away better knowing you, and frankly, better knowing myself… Reading this has helped me notice ways in which I might be following a path of brokenness. Our stories may be different but there was a surprisingly similar reaction to the circumstances… I am forever grateful for the healing you are seeking for your difficult road traveled. It is inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing it.

McKenna N.


Your email came just in the right time and you sharing your most personal thoughts with me was what I needed at this time in my life… I thought I was doing quite well until I read what you wrote.  In the last year I decided I will no longer let anyone or anything hurt me. I don’t give a damn about what anyone says or thinks of me, and I most definitely will never allow myself to feel hurt, defeat, sorrow, happiness, excitement or be emotional in any way or form. I was ICE and nothing will ever touch me again. I was numb. Emotions were a sign of being weak and I’m not weak.  I’m solid like ice and colder than ice… as I read, it’s like I was transported back in time… all the emotions came flooding back and I wasn’t just reading about it I was physically & emotionally in it. This ice princess melted faster than real ice…lol… I cried for the first time in a year… you have again pulled me out of the abyss of darkness… After reading what you wrote my mind started to search within myself and some of the things I found are not pleasant but I feel a little bit of relief.  I know I still have a lot more to dig into. Your experiences and the steps you are taking to find resolutions are a tremendous help to me… It’s time to melt the rest of this ice off of me.  I’m actually smiling while I’m typing those words…and crying you a river at the same time…

Ofa F.



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