What makes a great day?

great day
Make a Great Day!

A great day

Last night I was visiting with my daughter and she asked about my day.  “I had a great day today,” I beamed.

“That’s awesome.  What did you do today?  What made it such a great day?” she asked.

So I began to tell her about my day.

The car is overheating even though we already took it to the shop to address that issue and it was supposed to be solved.  I need to take it to another mechanic to take a look at it which will be expensive and will leave me without a vehicle for several days.  Since I didn’t have a car I couldn’t run errands and complete my “to do” list for the day so I worked on the computer.   Computer issues prevented me from doing what I wanted to accomplish.  I tried one thing and it didn’t work, I tried another thing and that didn’t work, but after several attempts I was finally able to move forward and get the information that I wanted.  Then someone needed help so I had to stop working on my projects to take care of them, and so on.

A great day?

As I was listing the events of the day it occurred to me that it didn’t sound like I was describing a great day, in fact it sounded rather like I was describing an awful day, and I had to pause and think.  I really did have a great day.  I felt happy and fulfilled about the accomplishments of the day.  Why was it a great day?

My attitude made the difference.  I had a positive attitude that day.  I’d like to say that I always have a positive attitude, but that’s not always the case.  Things are improving.  I thought about the experiment that I’ve been working on.  Each day I repeat a positive statement.  It’s a declaration.  I’m declaring something to be true, even though I may not actually believe it when I’m saying it and I think it’s actually making a difference.

My declaration

Each morning I repeat the statement:

I choose to live each day joyfully.  I am grateful to be a part of the flow of giving and receiving of the abundance available all around me.  

I’ve been saying that each day for a week now, but was I surprised and delighted to realize that yesterday I didn’t just say it, I actually did it.  Wow.  That actually worked.

I plan to say it again today, and tomorrow …


“A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life.”  Mandy Hale