Lewis wanted to make a greenhouse addition to our house.  Our teenage son Sam was a big help in this project.  He loved using the pneumatic staple gun.  The sheeting has way more staples than are necessary.

Probably the funniest part of the build was when we had cement poured to fill the cinder-block base level.  We hired a cement truck and a cement pump to get the cement in the right place.  The owner of the cement pump asked, “What are you building?”

“We’re building a greenhouse,” Lewis explained.

“Ooooh, what are you growing?” he inquired.

“Vegetables.  You know like tomatoes, peppers and things like that,” Lewis said.

“Come on, you can be honest with me,” he persisted, “Are you growing marijuana? Mushrooms? What?  I won’t tell.  I will be one of your customers.”

A little taken aback Lewis said, “Sorry, just vegetables.”

I’m not sure if the cement pump guy ever believed us, but it made for a great story around the dinner table.

There’s another funny story about the greenhouse.  My grandson Kaleb was just a little toddler and exploring the greenhouse.  He picked up the rocks and put them in his mouth.  He grabbed handfuls of dirt and put those in his mouth.  He picked a leaf from a kale plant and put that in his mouth, then he stuck out his tongue and tried to spit it out.  Rocks? Yum.  Dirt?  Yum.  Kale? Yuck.  At least according to Kaleb.