Costa Rica

The instant I saw the picture of the brightly colored treehouse tent on the airbnb website, I knew that was the place where my husband would want to go.  Of course we would be sleeping in a yellow tent in a goat pasture, who wants to stay in a luxurious all inclusive resort when there is an opportunity like this available?    

My husband loves “adventures.”  The more unusual the better.  He loves having a good story to tell.  I’m a girl.  I prefer comfort and security, but I go along for the ride.  Sometimes the “adventures” are awful, but often they turn out to be something wonderful.  The trip to Costa Rica was wonderful – tent, goat pasture and all.

Since it was spring break for the college, some of our kids were able to come as well.  Some of the highlights of the trip were the scenery, the roadside fruit stands where we bought giant mangoes and made our own mango salsa back at the tree house.  We learned that cashews are a part of a fruit that grows on a tree.  Sarah also learned that if you bite the fruit it has a novocaine-like substance that tastes terrible and numbs your mouth for hours.

We loved the zip lines, one of which was 750 meters long across a valley.  We loved going horse back riding and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  We loved hiking to a waterfall and finding a second hidden waterfall.  One of the most memorable things was finding a normal functioning, flush-able porcelain toilet in a most unusual place.  It was outside surrounded by a wall of pruned bushes.

La Pura Vida!