Grocery store tantrum

I took Joey (age 3) and Melanie (16 months) with me to the grocery store to get a few last minute Christmas items.  A simple task, so I thought, but Melanie wanted to see if I really loved her I guess, because she decided to be awful.  In addition to throwing several hair raising temper tantrums, she grabbed an apple as the cart passed by them and started eating it, then she kept trying to eat the grapes.  She wouldn’t sit in the front and she was getting too heavy to carry so I put her in the back of the shopping cart with the food.  Later I found that she had sat (or danced) on most of the food and had opened the package that had the meat in it and threw it in a jumbled heap on top of the eggs.  I was ready to cry by the time we finally left.  Funny, funny mother.